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Elevating your business with influential and effective communication.

By enhancing communication skills across your organization, we can reduce performance barriers for peak productivity in your sales and service teams, equipping them with practical strategies for measurable outcomes.

How We Can Help

Qualify for funding? Let our team guide you to the ideal program, enhance ROI, and navigate application steps.


Sales Training

Explore our blog and discover authentic and pragmatic perspectives on business, communication, and sales. Gain valuable insights and practical advice to elevate your strategic approach.


The key to any behaviour, culture, or process change lies in how you inspire and connect with people.

Our foundation is built on the belief that complexity is the enemy of execution. As change catalysts in business training  we offer practical, relevant, and scalable content that can quickly be turned into a repeatable process for impactful transformation. 

What We Believe

The Real Estate industry is built on the foundation of trust and integrity. With a rich history spanning two decades, we've proudly forged partnerships with brokers, agencies, and independent realtors across the country.  The resonance between our journey and theirs is driven by our mutual dedication to the art of entrepreneurship and the commitment to enhancing the customer experience.

Real Estate

Navigating the dynamic landscape of Telecommunications requires expertise and adaptability.  With over three decades of experience working in this industry we empower organizations with strategic insights, tailored solutions, and innovative approaches that enhance their networks, optimize customer engagement, and ensure they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital age.


The technology industry drives innovation and reshapes the way we live, work, and interact. From cutting-edge software solutions to groundbreaking hardware advancements, technology permeates every facet of modern society, propelling progress and transforming possibilities. We play a pivotal role by enhancing sales strategies, elevating customer experiences, and refining communication approaches.


At the core of our expertise lies a profound capability to closely engage and collaborate  with these organizations.  With first hand knowledge of the intricacies working within these types of businesses, we thrive on fostering relationships, learning about the unique hurdles and crafting strategies that align precisely with the business objectives.

SMB, Franchise & Dealer Based Organizations

We drive retail evolution, reshaping sales and service excellence. By deciphering market trends and understanding customer preferences, we create customized strategies for your business. Our personalized approach to service excellence fosters loyalty and satisfaction, encouraging growth and transforming every customer experience.

Retail & Service

Where We've Effected Change


Business Consulting


Offering a diverse selection of over 200 programs, our expansive training library covers sales, service, leadership and business acumen.  

Rooted in adult learning methodologies, research, our C4 Strategy, and a quarter-century of experience, our curriculum is complemented by individualized one-on-one coaching. 


Whether you're in need of a complete organizational redesign, company structure optimization, or performance management assessment, we're here to help.

We also extend Fractional Management solutions, catering to small businesses looking to outsource certain roles.

Customer Service Training

Why Work With Us?

  • Expertise and Specialization

  • Fresh Perspective

  • Cost-Effective Solution

  • Speed and Efficiency

  • Neutral and Objective Facilitation

  • Reduced Internal Burden

  • Customized Solutions

  • Access to Government Funding 

It's all about connection.

A few words from our clients. 

As a Sales Manager, I've collaborated with PONO as a follow-up, tune-up, and assessment tool for years.  They're passionate about sales and even more so about their relationships with their customers.

Knowing what I know, I wouldn't go into the sales world without them as my ally.

Todd Cowie, Sales Manager

Clearwest Solutions Inc.


Their sessions are engaging and approachable and every session I attend has always garnered sales rep excitement and participation.  

We partnered with them in creating content and point of differentiation for our products and were so impressed with how they were able to drill through technical benefits and turn them into teachable customer benefits.

Angela Fitzpatrick, Director

Fleet Complete


What stood out to me, was the amount of valuable,  practical skills I could immediately action in the field that resulted in success.  

Their approach to human interaction and EQ is refreshing and is forcing our team to gradually replace old habits with new techniques rooted in genuine curiosity and a renewed passion for sales and the client experience.

Joanne Soave, COO


Our Clients

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