Sales Enablement & Performance Coaching


Sales Enablement and Performance Coaching are about bringing the spirit of continuous learning and personal growth into the workplace. This should be driven by a learning environment that promotes transparency and vulnerability. Our soft skills development programs are designed to give sales professionals and leaders the tools, means and desire to deliver on pure sales objectives while offering a quality sales experience.

At PONO Learning, we help your organization build efficient sales enablement strategies through collaborative design and execution.  We offer instructor-led development programs in person as well as via virtual classroom sessions. We understand that it's no longer a question that knowledge is power; it's what you do with that knowledge, which is the true power. PONO Learning offers a unique perspective on performance coaching and sales enablement content application through our Video Sales Analysis and measurement to maximize your return on your investment.


Our programs are tailored and customized to meet your needs. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.