What does PONO mean?

PONO is the Hawaii philosophy for "prosperity" embracing truth and morality. We've built our company around this ideology and invite you to refer to our blog post, Why PONO, for a full understanding of what PONO truly means to us.

What is coaching?

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Can anyone book a Coaching Session?

Yes! ...

What are your fees?

For our Online Coaching services are fees are as follows:

1:1 Coaching Session (45 mins) - $88

Virtual Sales Analysis (3 Sessions) - $188

Lightning Coaching (Unlimited) - $888

For the services offered on our "What We Do" page, these are all customizable programs.  Through consultations we will work with you and your team to tailor the service / program specifically for you.  Prices will be determined then.

For our Kala Classroom we invite you to visit the link on the Kala page to refer for the course pricing.

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