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Business People Applauding




As experts in consultation and observation, we can collaborate with you to design and deliver a customized workshop for your event, specific to your business demands, sales goals, or new strategy you want to actualize.


Losing Your Edge

This keynote offers real world insight into what you can do when life abruptly decides to flip the script and change the game plan.

Roadmap to Innovation, Renewal, and Recovery

This keynote offers a roadmap to franchisors, franchisees and business leaders alike on how to execute and implement a plan for business innovation and renewal.


We leverage our experience in business and translate these lessons into genuine and practical messaging, with the goal to have you and the rest of the audience fully engaged, laughing and leaving the presentation truly inspired.


We can work directly with you to offer customized presentations for Team Meetings, Conferences, Dealer Rally's, Franchise Business Meetings, AGM's, Public Events etc.  

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