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Whether you’re in need of a complete organizational redesign, optimization of company structure, an evaluation of performance management, or tactical sales and marketing plans, we offer you our expertise to tailor and customize a program that promotes culture change and ensures your business evolves with a repeatable and scalable system in place.  


With over 22 years of direct experience consulting to businesses in change and growth modes, we give you and your team the tools to find the way that works best for you.

Business Analysis

  • Review current state (existing systems, processes, KPIs)

  • Define scope and desired business objectives / goals

  • Identify customer expectations and target markets

  • Determine roles and responsibilities of all employees, stakeholders and partners

Performance Management & Evaluation

  • Define individual, team and management roles

  • Review KPIs, progress and accomplishments for each individual, team and manager

  • Perform behavioural analyses and self-evaluations

  • Conduct 1-on-1 reviews

Structure Optimization

  • Identify gaps in personnel and review each role as it contributes to the business as a whole

  • Build an ideal customer profile and ensure employee functions match the desired outcome 

  • Strategically assign territories 

  • Align sales and marketing teams

  • Review management roles and align appropriately

Sales & Customer Service Playbooks

  • Design customer service playbooks as a guide to meet objectives when dealing with customers

  • Design sales playbooks as a guide to meet sales objectives

  • Leverage this process and the curriculum created for new hires

Business Strategy

  • Design, implement and execute new business strategy

  • Leverage this process and the curriculum created for new hires

Fractional Management

Fractional Sales

Outsourced Sales & Service  Management

Our outsourced Fractional Management service allows small business owners, with 1-10 person sales or service teams, get control of their team and maximize on revenue by creating a true sales/customer service system, process, and culture without having to hire and pay a full-time executive. 


Contact one of our Management Consultants to learn how this service can help your small business reflect the success of larger corporations with a seasoned professional supporting your business 1/2 day a week.

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