Through Performance Coaching, we bring the spirit of continuous learning and personal development into the workplace to deliver on sales objectives and pursue individual growth. 


Coaching is the key to any long-term performance improvement and personal growth can be tied directly to sales growth.  Through open dialogue and sales enablement strategies, we find what is holding you back and offer guidance and feedback to encourage a change in behaviour to attain the results you want.


Whether you’re brand new to sales and want to make an impact, or a seasoned veteran who wants to take their career to the next level, an external set of eyes can help you get there.

Performance Coaching

Coaching Structure

  • Identify objectives and goals

  • Understand the current situation through assessment and conversation

  • Identify issues and obstacles

  • Offer feedback and support

  • Provide actionable items to effect change 


  • Identify time requirements and urgency of improvement

  • Set up a dedicated cadence with (1) hour sessions

  • Can be facilitated  in-person or virtually (depending on location)

Virtual Sales Analysis

  • Business simulation with real life style role plays

  • Puts theory and methodology into practice

  • Offers participants a concrete example of where they need improvement (they are able to “see for themselves”)

  • Provides immediate impact in effecting change