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One Size Fits One

When it comes to sales training, one size fits one.

Unfortunately some providers view training as a “one size fits all” approach and the results leave their customers feeling underwhelmed and overcharged.

In addition to this, training is often times solicited as solely an event. A one to two day workshop where team members come together to learn new skills or brush up on old ones.

The days are often jam packed with content, role-plays, and presentations. Off-site shenanigans encourage team bonding and the entire event comes with the expectation of a complete change in behaviour for the participants, an increase in sales, and a positive impact to the company’s bottom line.

Unfortunately this desired outcome is usually not actualized in reality.

Yes, the event may encourage a temporary change in behaviour and there will likely be an initial spike in performance following the session. But if the training has not been designed specifically for the participating group, and if there is no structured support strategy following the initial session, that spike in performance often dips towards an inevitable crash landing.

Old habits are likely to rear their ugly heads and comfort will always triumph over change when there is no reinforcement plan in place.

Training is a process and should be treated as such.

When you’re building training (whether it be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model) the entire landscape needs to be thought of. Who are the participants? What are their individual, team, and business needs? What happens after the training session? How are the new skills reinforced? Who is accountable for ensuring the team continues to trend on an upwards progression?

Training can be based on fundamentals but needs to be customized and altered to meet the needs of each individual client. Understanding that one size doesn't fit all, one size fits one, sales training can be broken down into 4 simple steps.


At PONO Learning we leverage our EDGE philosophy to support this approach.


Prior to rolling out any training or coaching program, we take the time to examine your teams’ and business’ current situation to examine what is going well and what is going, not so well. This helps us identify root cause issues and behaviours that need to be addressed to hit a substantial ROI in the shortest amount of time.


We know that despite certain similarities, each team, market, and industry has their own set of unique challenges. This is why we believe that when it comes to training, one size fits one. We take the findings from our Examine step to customize our content and delivery to address the root cause issues identified for everyone involved. We design every aspect of our training leveraging our core values of authenticity, relevance, and effectiveness.


We apply our unique Edutainment theory to all of our programs—where participants learn in a positive, upbeat, and entertaining environment. Participants practice new skills in group learning formats and business simulation exercises which stimulates growth. This theory is transferable through any of your chosen delivery platforms.

Evaluate / Endorse

Training should never be seen as an event. The key to hitting ROI targets relies on measuring the correct aspects of the new behaviour and ensuring that sales leaders have a clear understanding of the reinforcement strategy. We outline KPI’s for your sales team and can collaborate on creating sales leader reinforcement plans to ensure teams can sustain the energy and velocity following the training session.


In summary, when it comes to sales training, one size fits one. Our mission at PONO Learning is to be catalysts for change and we do this by providing a world class training experience supported by a customized reinforcement program that stimulates growth, improves performance, and encourages lasting success.

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