Sales Enablement is the strategic and continuous process of setting up revenue-generating teams with the necessary sales process roadmap, information, skills training, resources, and leadership to close more deals.

A strong sales enablement strategy is often the missing piece when it comes to sales success and maximizing opportunities. We help you set up a strategic revenue generating sales team with all the necessary support mechanisms.  These strategies can expect to see impressive win rates from their pipeline!

Sales Training

Sales Process Playbooks

  • Recommendations of sales asset creation and pertinent content 

  • Custom-designed material specific to your business to aid in implementing the new strategy

  • Material and processes that can be leveraged for new hires

Sales Coaching & Reinforcement

  • End-to-end roadmap for learning and coaching

  • Individual 1-on-1 coaching

  • Process for feedback, reinforcement and follow-up

Sales Performance Metrics

  • Review KPIs (current and desired): Quota, Lead Conversions, Time, Sales Funnel, Win Rate, Product Mix, Value, Closed deals etc.

  • Select technology and tools to fit your sales cycle

  • Ensure clean sales reporting and analytics 

Sales Leadership

  • Identify proper sales leaderships

  • Define roles and responsibilities

  • Reinforce learning and review coaching structure 

  • Develop career path