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Sales training doesn't need to be that complicated. 

Proven Methodology (E.D.G.E.)


Prior to rolling out any training or coaching program, we take the time to examine your teams’ and business’ current situation to examine what is going well and what is going, not so well.  This helps us identify root cause issues and behaviours that need to be addressed to hit a substantial ROI in the shortest amount of time.  (All of our programs are updated regularly to reflect the most recent available research and science).


We know that despite certain similarities, each team, market, and industry has their own set of unique challenges. This is why we believe that when it comes to training, one size fits one. We take the findings from our Examine step to customize our content and delivery to address the root cause issues identified for everyone involved. We design every aspect of our training leveraging our core values of authenticity, relevance, and effectiveness. 


We apply our unique Edutainment theory to all of our programs—where participants learn in a positive, upbeat, and entertaining environment.  Participants practice new skills in group learning formats and business simulation exercises which stimulates growth. This theory is transferable through any of your chosen delivery platforms. 

Evaluate / Endorse

Training should never be seen as event. The key to hitting ROI targets relies on measuring the correct aspects of the new behaviour and ensuring that sales leaders have a clear understanding of the reinforcement strategy. We outline KPI’s for your sales team and can collaborate on creating sales leader reinforcement plans to ensure teams can sustain the energy and velocity following the training session.  

Delivery Methods


Coaching is the key to any long-term performance improvement.  Through open dialogue, we find what is holding you back and offer guidance and feedback to encourage a change in behaviour to attain the results you want.

Coaching can be added as part of the reinforcement plan to our Sales Training programs or as a stand alone service for Executives, Sales Representatives, or anyone looking for Professional Development. 

Instructor Led Training  (ILT)

This in-person delivery method allows for the ultimate learning experience. Participants will benefit from role plays, case studies, and group discussion and activities.  Working within a group, participants will profit not only from our professional facilitator, but also from peer learning. 

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Our professional facilitator will deliver your program using cutting-edge video conferencing. This delivery method can offer a relatively similar experience as our in-person ILT programs. 

Virtual Sales Analysis (VSA)

VSAs offer a real life business simulation that puts theory and methodology into practice.  Participants will be shown concrete examples of where they need improvement (they are able to “see for themselves”) and this provides immediate impact in effecting change.


If you have your own “in-house” training team, we can certify your facilitator and provide them the content that they need to execute a high quality training experience.