Virtual Sales Analysis

Putting theory and methodology into practice.

  • 45 minutes
  • 188 Canadian dollars

Service Description

Looking to improve your sales skills? Our VSA program is designed to offer you a “real world” simulation that is specific to your industry and buying cycle. This program is divided into a 3 part series that will be conducted with you live over Zoom. 1 - Prep Call (30 minutes) In this initial call you will provide us with an overview of your current situation. (i.e. What steps in the buying cycle would you like to focus on? What industry are you in? What product/service are you selling? What does your customer look like?). The information provided in this call will be used to formulate a real world scenario that is customized for you. 2 - VSA #1 (45 minutes) Based on the information gathered in the initial call, you will participate in a live role play as the Sales Representative. The simulation will last about 30 minutes and there will be 15 minutes for feedback. 3 - VSA #2 (45 minutes) Following your first VSA, we will book a second VSA with you double down on the feedback provided from VSA #1 and ensure that you have the tools required to make effective change in the skill set you desire. *By choosing this program you will be booking this first call now. The 2nd and 3rd calls will be booked directly with you following the initial conversation.

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