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We help maximize the ROI on your most influential investment: your people.


Sales Enablement &
Performance Coaching

Sales Enablement and Performance Coaching are about bringing the spirit of continuous learning and personal growth into the workplace. This should be driven by a learning environment that promotes transparency and vulnerability. Our soft skills development programs are designed to give sales professionals and leaders the tools, means and desire to deliver on pure sales objectives while offering a quality sales experience.

At PONO Learning, we help your organization build efficient sales enablement strategies through collaborative design and execution.  We offer instructor-led development programs in person as well as via virtual classroom sessions.  To further maximize the return on your investment we also offer Virtual Sales Analysis putting theory and methodology into practice.

Peer Performance Groups

Peer Performance Groups are a collaborative forum where business peers learn from each other’s real world experiences in an environment built on the cornerstone of open communication.  Group members are granted the opportunity to interact with fellow successful colleagues across the country to share best practices, stay engaged with the brand and expand their network.    

At PONO Learning we offer this unique program to franchise organizations and businesses with multiple locations.  Meeting on a monthly basis, we encourage honest and constructive dialogue to support both personal and business growth.

The KALA Path

Sales doesn't need to be that complicated.

Online coaching that simplifies complex sales methodologies for easy application and straightforward execution.


Business Consulting

At PONO Learning, we leverage our experience of working with companies in change and growth modes for over 25 years to help you uncover the tough issues that hold your business back.  Whether you’re in need of a complete organizational redesign, optimization of corporate structure, an evaluation of performance management or tactical sales and marketing plans, we offer you our expertise to tailor and customize a program that promotes culture change and ensures your business evolves with a repeatable and scalable system in place.

Mobile Forms

As part of our Performance Coaching and Business Consulting programs, PONO Learning offers access to a mobile application that transforms paper forms into dynamic mobile forms.  

This native mobile app helps businesses with mobile workers eliminate paper forms and documents, reducing the potential of manual data input errors and empowers businesses with a complete mobile form solution that is fully adaptable to your business process. Contact us to learn more and set-up a demo today.

Keynote Presentations

We are passionate about inspiring people!  Each keynote presentation is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs whether it be a sales meeting, annual general meeting, dealer rally, franchise network meeting, convention, conference or corporate retreat.