Image by Sebastien Gabriel


Welcome to PONO Learning! 

PONO is the Hawaiian word for a philosophy that promotes prosperity, morality and truth.  As a Sales Training and Performance Enablement company, we embrace these values in all that we do, with the mission to help maximize the ROI on your most influential investment: your people. 

Over the past 30 years I’ve had countless opportunities to learn about life, people and business, working my way through entry level roles to managerial and executive level positions.  I’ve owned different businesses and have been affiliated with some of the top sales organizations throughout North America.  Each of these experiences has reaffirmed my belief that regardless of who we are, our level of education, our industry or our geographical location, we ALL engage in some level of human interaction and therefore every single one of us is in sales. 

I founded this company on the principle that “complexity is the enemy of execution”.  As a student myself, I always felt that the teachers and trainers I had would unnecessarily overcomplicate their message.  I would easily lose interest in the course and miss the value they were trying to teach as I could not relate to what they were saying.  This experience drives me to ensure that PONO Learning educates our clients with authentic, relevant and effective content that can be easily understood, scaled and turned into a repeatable process, quickly. 

Through our Performance Coaching, Sales Training Programs, Business Consulting Services and Online KALA Path we endeavour to inspire integrity and prosperity in all that we do.  

I invite you to book a consultation with us to learn how we can help maximize the ROI on your most influential investment.


David Snyder | President